Puppies Shipping Requirements

To begin with. All Puppies must be at least  10 weeks old before they are   ship. and must be accompany by a Veterinarian health transfer certificate.  some airline  have temperature restrictions  and will review  temperature forecast for destination and arrival flight .air flight is determined by the weight of the  puppy.  Havier and old puppies may cost more . customer’s delivery information is required  to fill in necessary shipping papers  ownership papers on names and addresses the document serves to reserve the flight for the puppies and the delivery person. buyer will receive departure and arrival time.

Furthermore, tracking number is to be presented to the deliverer on their door step  before taking possession of the puppies. who will also receive a medical exam buy are veterinarian before departure with a state health certificate signed buy or  our veterinarian before shipment Your puppy will arrive the same day it is shipped, and you will be given a time of arrival within which you will have to pick up at your closest airport or home delivery can be arranged to your desired address too.

You will also need a picture ID in order to receive your puppy, so please notify us before shipping if someone other than you will be picking your puppy up so that we can get the correct names for the paperwork. it is very important for all customers to know that , . All our puppies are shipped in a travel crate of medium size that is ideal for approximately the first 6 months of crate training. All puppies that are shipped will be microchipped before shipping. Our puppies are very well taken care of during the shipping process, and We have never incurred any shipping problems through through out the process