Golden Retriever Puppies


Golden Retriever Puppies trace its roots back to Scotland. This breed was created in 1864 when Lord Tweed mouth bought a so-called “yellow retriever” named Nous. This dog was bred to a liver-colored Tweed Water Spaniel that was named Belle. This was the foundational pairing that made the first dogs that would come to be known as Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retrievers are sporting dogs, and they can be very high-energy due to this. This can be charming and also frustrating if you have a small house or a small yard.  golden retriever This dog also is very good at swimming, hiking, and fetching due to its breeding history. This dog was originally created to fetch waterfowl that had been shot down by hunters and bring them back.

Types of Golden Retrievers

Goldens can vary slightly in appearance by geographic region. These variations include:

  • American Golden Retrievers
  • British Golden Retrievers
  • Canadian Golden Retrievers

The American Golden Retriever, who tends to be leaner with eyes that are more slanted and a darker coat, says JERY, medical director at Louisville Family Animal Hospital in Colorado and a member of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. 

“British Goldens tend to be more muscular with blockier heads and rounder eyes, and lighter in color as well,” says Barnes. “Canadian Goldens tend to be taller with shorter and thinner hair coats.”

Golden Retriever Personality 

Golden Retrievers possess a number of endearing qualities that have helped cement their spot as one of the nation’s most beloved breeds. Foremost, they’re kind and loving. “Their biggest goal in life is to please their humans,” says Greco. “They’re very affectionate and extremely loyal. They’re the definition of unconditional love.” 

Goldens are also smart and eager to learn, which is a huge plus when it comes time to train them.

The typical Golden Retriever is a bundle of energy and can destroy things (including your favorite pair of shoes or that expensive sofa) if not given enough exercise. “They are also super friendly,” says Barnes. “Given this, along with their energy, they tend to get overly excited with new people and are known to jump and turn in circles.” golden retriever puppies

Because Goldens are people-oriented, patient, and friendly, they tend to do well with kids and other pets. “This does mean they enjoy and benefit from training and need help building confidence to be sure they do not become overly-attached leading to separation anxiety,” adds Romine.  

Environment for a Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever dog needs plenty of exercise and prefers open spaces for (you guessed it) retrieving.  golden retriever puppies for sale This is why a golden retriever is best suited for a house with a big yard or an owner who will take them to the off-leash park all the time. If you have small children, a Golden Retriever is a safe choice for a family pet, especially if properly trained.

golden retriever
golden retriever


Golden Retriever Care 

Diet and Nutrition

Veterinarians often recommended feeding Golden Retriever puppies a large breed puppy food. “And at about a year of age they can be transitioned to an adult maintenance food. Large breed adult food is a fine choice as well,” says Romine. 
Large breed puppy diets restrict calcium and calories to prevent rapid growth, a factor that puts these dogs at an increased risk for developing orthopedic disease.
Because Goldens are big and have boundless energy, they have ravenous appetites, which if unchecked, can put them at a greater risk for obesity. Ask your veterinarian to help you calculate your dog’s daily caloric needs based on age, spay/neuter status, and activity level, recommends

Exercise and Activity

here are two main reasons why Golden Retrievers need ample exercise. For one, the typical Golden is a bundle of energy. “They are not as high energy as the herding breeds like Border Collies, but also don’t tend to be couch potatoes,” says Barnes. They’re also ravenous eaters, which puts them at a higher risk for obesity. 
Exercise can come in the form of walks, play, or swimming, says Barnes. “I would say the average is about one hour of activity per day, with younger dogs needing more than older dogs.”
Golden Retrievers also need focused play, which can be in the form of a job, a trait that also makes them great therapy and service dogs, says Greco. “Given that they are so smart, this is a very natural thing for them as they are quick learners and, again, are always looking to please.”

Golden Retriever Health

Goldens Retrievers are unfortunately at risk of developing several major diseases. This doesn’t necessarily mean they acquire these diseases, but knowing their predispositions can help you be better prepared. These are some of the most common disorders affecting this breed. 
Like any breed of dog, Golden Retrievers are prone to certain health problems. Up to one-fifth of golden retrievers develop some form of joint disease, such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. Golden Retrievers are also more likely than some other breeds to develop a heart disease known as subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS), which can be deadly. mini golden retriever
However, many Golden Retrievers pass away of cancers (such as hemangiosarcoma and osteosarcoma). Potential health problems aside, most people find that a Golden Retriever is a joy to love and care for, for however long they can be a part of the family. Many pet parents opt for pet health insurance, just in case. golden retriever rescue

Golden Retriever Rescues

Another way to find a Golden Retriever is to adopt a rescue. Unlike puppies, rescues often come spayed and neutered, and with all their shots. Because a large number of rescues are surrendered by individual owners, these dogs might also know basic commands and be socialized. golden retriever puppies near me  If not, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them. Contact a trusted dog trainer for more information on how to teach a dog who hasn’t experienced much structure, or how to help a dog who has been traumatized to feel safe and welcome. golden retriever price

golden retriever puppies

Golden Retriever Grooming

Golden Retrievers have a dense, water-repellent double coat, and shed their undercoat during spring and fall (or year-round in temperate climates). During the seasonal shedding periods, they may require daily brushing to remove dead fur. The rest of the year, brushing once a week as maintenance should be enough. Occasional baths will help keep your Golden Retriever clean, and also help to remove shed fur. Like most dogs, Golden Retrievers’ nails should be trimmed regularly, and their teeth brushed to maintain dental health

Cost of a Golden Retriever

Pet parents ready to welcome a Golden Retriever into their family should be aware of all the costs involved. In fact, according to Rover’s Cost of Pet Parenthood Survey, 64% of pet parents with a Golden Retriever claim they expected to spend $500-$2,000 on upfront costs for their dog. However, 60% said the actual up front costs matched their budget, but 32% said the costs were actually higher. Overall, 54% of pet parents spend between $100-150+ monthly on their Golden Retriever.

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