Frequently Asked Questions

These are question customers post  to breeders  in relation to the purchase and delivery of puppy . here in Designer Pet Home we bring to you  answers to  some of the frequently asked question as shown below

  • How do you keep your prices so low?

Because you’re buying directly from the puppy seller, overhead costs are kept to a minimum. So overall, dealing directly with sellers naturally results in lower costs.

  • Have the puppies had all their vaccinations?

All our puppies are up-to-date on legally required vaccinations, but your vet may recommend additional vaccinations and boosters as the puppy gets older. Keep in mind that young puppies (under 16 weeks) may require additional vaccines at later stages; it can be unhealthy or unsafe to provide these all at once.

  • What is included when I purchase a puppy?

Each of our puppies is sent home with lots of value, see our Values Page. We want

  • I will like my puppy delivered whom shall i call ?

Call the breeder and see if they can arrange delivery for you

what is the process?

click on the picture you are interested in fill out in the in formation and wait for your confirmation through and email. followed buy the breeders information.

  • Can I make payments on a puppy?

Yes. We work with several finance companies to make it easier to take a puppy home on a budget. There are different options, from set-term contracts to revolving credit to leases. Some interest-free options are available if you can pay off the full cost quickly. Monthly payments start as low as $100 and we offer options from 0% interest from 30 days to 1 year 0%! finance paid most not be below$500

  • Are your puppies for adoption or for sale?

All our puppies are for sale. Since the term “adoption” is associated so heavily with rescue organizations and shelters, we only refer to our puppies as “purchases”, though you will still be taking home a new family member!

  • Can take my puppy home Right Away ?

you you can as long as the puppy is mature and the breeder accepts your method of payment 

  • What do I need to bring with me to purchase a puppy?

If you’re planning on taking a puppy home, you need to bring a photo ID and a form of payment. We depending on the accepted for of payments, as well as providing financing options which may or may not require a down payment.

  • Are your puppies potty-trained?

While we do our best to reinforce positive potty-behavior while in our care, our puppies are not fully housebroken. Introducing your puppy to a new environment can cause some stress, and accidents are bound to happen. Talk to our trainer, about how to potty-train your new puppy.

How can I make sure the breeders are reputable?

When picking up your puppy, look around your surroundings. If the puppies are well-fed and socialized, and if the area is clean, the breeder is likely reputable.